Friday, May 1, 2015

Research Blog #10: Abstract, Bibliography and Link to Paper

The Topic of privatization has been hugely debated over the past few decades and has especially become a hot topic with the rise of for-profit universities.  My paper addresses the issues associated with for-profit universities and their ethicality as it stands in the current economic climate.  Specifically I talk about how privatization has created sky-rocketing growth for for-profit universities due to a gap left behind by public universities losing funding.  I explore what is causing for-profits to grow so quickly and I also look at whether it is worth it to attend a for-profit university by looking at facts and cases pertaining to for-profits.  I also look into who is benefiting from for-profits if students aren’t by looking into companies such as the Apollo group.  My paper offers valuable insight into for-profits and how it relates to privatization by bringing to light many issues that are associated with for-profit universities.
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“Understanding Privatization” collection – see bibliographic information for each author on the last pages of that collection.

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